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Interior and Top Restorations
Antique- Vintage- Antique- Exotic

What sets us apart is our ability to follow through and keep our promises, we listen to your input, understand your needs and deliver the optimal interior to meet your specific requests. Before any work is completed, we begin with the design work and important material choices to make sure the interior flows and has a timeless quality to it. Working one on one with our clients, SJ Coachbuilders handle all the design and fabrication of vintage, exotic, antique and custom interiors. 

There are hundreds of Trim Shops in any major city, but only a handful of true automobile upholsterers in a given state. Sabra Johnson Coachbuilders offers world-class high-end automobile restoration, woodworking, interior finishes and fine automotive upholstery. For a complimentary consultation, call 832-717-0774

Exotic Upholstery & Designer Interiors

The experts at Sabra Johnson Coachbuilders have the knowledge, experience, and expertise to meet the ever-increasing demands of exotic car owners who demand perfection in their interiors. From convertible tops to seats, when it comes to exotic interior upholstery for your automobile, you can count on our skilled team to bring your ideas to life. Our artistic renderings of your final product include inlaid designs, custom-stitching, and inserts. All our exotic work is done by hand and completed in-house.

Vintage & Antique Upholstery & Period Correct Interiors

Vintage Upholstery and Antique interior creations are a dying art resurrected by Sabra Johnson Coachbuilders.  SJ Coach Builders has tremendous skill, a willingness to research the history, and artful class of material selection. SJ Coachbuilders interior restorations use period-correct materials, fasteners, and construction techniques to transform often totally dilapidated old interiors into Concours quality works of art.

Factory Correct Upholstery & OEM Interior

With factory Correct Restorations, Sabra and his team meticulously follow the blueprint of the original designers. Factory Correct Automotive Interiors by SJ Coachbuilders showcase an attention to detail, historical accuracy, qualities of a fine restoration. SJ Coachbuilders have the knowledge and the skills to assure a Concours winning project. Our craftsmen will work closely with you in choosing the right upholstery fabric, color, and features for your classic car’s interior. 

Pro Touring Upholstery & Custom Interiors

A Restomod Muscle Car Interior by SJ Coachbuilders is two parts restoration, and one part modified. Where the resto-mod recipe is two parts restoration and one part modification, the pro-touring custom interior by SJ Coachbuilders is one part restoration and two parts modified. A custom interior by SJ Coachbuilders is designed to retain as much of the original look and feel of your classic interior while upgrading its electronics and comfort, safety, and over-the-road performance (economy, comfort, infotainment) to new-car levels.


City Classic CARS Upholstery Center specializes in full interiors

Full Interiors


City Classic CARS Upholstery Center will redo vinyl tops and convertible tops with the material and color of your choice.

Vinyl Tops & Convertibles


City Classic Cars Upholstery Center is Houston's premier upholstery shop specializing in custom interiors, materials, and fabrications.

Custom Material


Customer Service: 832-468-1998


16548 Stuebner Airline
Spring Texas. 77379
Mon-Fri: 8 am - 5 pm
Saturday/Sunday: Closed
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