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Pro-Touring Upholstery & Custom Interiors

Antique - Vintage - Classic - Exotic

A Restomod Muscle Car Interior by Sabra Johnson Coach builders is two parts restoration, and one part modified. Where the restomod recipe is two parts restoration and one part modification, the pro touring custom interior by SJ Coachbuilders is one part restoration and two parts modified. A custom interior by SJ Coachbuilders is designed to retain as much of the original look and feel of your classic interior, while upgrading its electronics and comfort, safety, and over-the-road performance (economy, comfort, infotainment) to new-car levels.


Upholstery doesn't just make the interior look good, it also is one of the main sources of comfort for you and your passengers. Our in-house team is well versed in making factory-correct more functional and making a completely new interior from scratch to make it a one-off, unique to you.


City Classic CARS Upholstery Center specializes in full interiors

Full Interiors


City Classic CARS Upholstery Center will redo vinyl tops and convertible tops with the material and color of your choice.

Vinyl Tops & Convertibles


City Classic Cars Upholstery Center is Houston's premier upholstery shop specializing in custom interiors, materials, and fabrications.

Custom Material


Customer Service: 832-468-1998


16548 Stuebner Airline
Spring Texas. 77379
Mon-Fri: 8 am - 5 pm
Saturday/Sunday: Closed
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