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Restorations by Sabra is home to Sabra Johnson Coachbuilders which offers high-end complete exotic and vintage automobile interior restoration. SJ Coachbuilders is passionate about rekindling the beauty of vintage and antique upholstery as a whole, we truly love what we do, and we take pride in providing high quality woodworking, custom upholstery, interiors, custom coaches and meticulous historically correct restorations as the exclusive upholster for Restorations By Sabra. 

Sabra Johnson Coachbuilders allows the client to escape the mass produced upholstery interiors and celebrate the beauty of nature by exploring the artistry of handmade woodworks and vintage restorations. Sabra and his team have the skills and the eye for design and unmatched experience to make your dream car a reality.

Give us a call at 832-422-0123 and we will have a one on one to talk about your needs and find out how Northwest Crafted Interiors can help you!

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City Classic CARS Upholstery Center specializes in full interiors

Full Interiors


City Classic CARS Upholstery Center will redo vinyl tops and convertible tops with the material and color of your choice.

 Vintage Tops & Convertibles


City Classic Cars Upholstery Center is Houston's premier upholstery shop specializing in custom interiors, materials, and fabrications.

Custom & Exotic Material

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Our work


A collection of vintage and antique vehicles we've renovated with passion


About Sabra Johnson


Sabra Johnson is one of the most recognized and respected professionals in the aftermarket industry.


Sabra’s industry connection and service career spans 30 plus years. Starting as a young man working at his cousin’s Exotic Sales and Euro Performance Shop, he learned the value and importance of hard work and craftsmanship. Today, Sabra is the owner of one of the largest classic car restoration companies in the country. Under Sabra’s tutelage, City Classic Cars and Restorations by Sabra in the greater Houston, Texas area maintains a strong footing in the classic car restoration space. Through his multi location company he has developed some of the best clients and custom restoration projects in the aftermarket. Sabra has designed and built vehicles for heads of state, corporate leaders, celebrities, and international leaders.


Sabra Johnson and his brands have built vehicles for clients across America as well as Australia, Dubai, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, and Europe.

Sabra believes that success requires efficient processes, systems, and talented people. Sabra recognized that within the aftermarket industry, there was a monolithic approach to staffing as well as a lack of SOPs and standards. This deficit prompted him to go against the grain of exclusion to attract, cultivate, and develop staff members from all over the globe. This act alone has shattered the aftermarket glass ceiling. Sabra has an international staff from all over the world. Sabra has staff members from Serbia, the Philippines, Honduras, Cuba, Mexico and El Salvador. Sabra’s Project Management team is the only all-female led Project Management team in the industry. Sabra also has a global clientele along with the most diverse staff demographics in aftermarket industry, which allows him to push the envelope of professional greatness daily.


Sabra Johnson is a dedicated aftermarket professional who elevates his corporate brand through the acquisition of world class talent, international clients, and keen business acumen.

Sabra realized that disruptive innovation was the only way to revolutionize the aftermarket. As a visionary, he saw that there was a glaring systems and talent gap in the industry regarding restoration. Sabra’s innovative thinking led him to create his legendary 25 step build process. Sabra created a detailed systematic approach to building vehicles that outlines the flow of the build process. He then built a multi- campus company to implement his 25 Step Build Process along with his signature restoration accounting, billing, and design platform.  Sabra’s 25 step build process is now the standard when it comes to professionally building a vehicle.


Sabra’s visionary insight, innovative thinking, and faithfulness were all honed for many years through para church ministry and full-service ministry until his retirement from pastoring and church leadership. Sabra forged both his natural talent and his God given fortitude into the aftermarket and he has catapulted to the top. Today Sabra uses his unique car platform to minister to men, women, youth and industry leaders through relational "car connections" all over the globe.

Sabra has served as an official aftermarket mentor and leader for years helping other companies find aftermarket success. Sabra is a longtime supporter of several aftermarket trade associations which include SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association) and PRI (Performance Racing Industry- where he is a Founding Member). Sabra has advocated for the industry to both state and federal legislatures as well as with lobbyist from throughout the country through consistent participation in numerous aftermarket meetings and PAC events. Sabra was the brainchild of a trade association member lead continuing education series designed to document and preserve the stories and legacies of aftermarket legends, in a way that the next generation can learn forward.


Sabra also created, hosted and was a major financial stakeholder of the SEMA Across America film series whose mission was to illustrate the beauty and value of the urban aftermarket. These stories were infused alongside the stories of mainstream brands, which placed a much-needed spotlight on the urban aftermarket. Sabra founded, funded and structured, The Urban Aftermarket Council of the Americas (UAC) because he witnessed first-hand the inequity of the playing field in most aftermarket circles.  The UAC represents the Urban sector of the aftermarket and helps Urban Mom and Pop companies find success in the aftermarket space. Throughout the years, Sabra has served two elected terms on ARMO (Automotive Restoration Market Organization) Council, and he has also served as a 3-year leader and moderator of the SEMA Builders Panel at the annual trade show in Las Vegas, Nevada. Over the years Sabra has participated in the SEMA International Battle of the Builders as well as led aftermarket enthusiast and professional panel discussions regarding aftermarket business success.

Over the years, Sabra has invested his time, talent and visionary insight into entrepreneurs forging their way in various business sectors. Sabra uses his connections, influence, and business fortitude to help them find pathways to success. Sabra believes that giving is one of the foundational principles to finding success in business.  Evidence of this principle is his Next Gen apprenticeship program. Sabra works with local school districts to procure students that have an interest in automotive restoration, mechanical engineering, and woodworking. He gives these students a paid apprenticeship opportunity to learn the skills that are necessary to build a career in the automotive industry.


Sabra Johnson understands that building a bridge for the next generation is the only way for the restoration industry to progress.

Sabra enjoys collecting vintage and classic cars from all over the world. You can always find him at one of the leading collector car auctions or at an exclusive collector car sale. Sabra is a member of the Antique Automotive Club of America, Porsche Club of America, The Ferrari Club of America, The Classic Car Club of America, Good Guys, The American Quarter Horse Association Pro Level, The Thoroughbred Racing Association, SEMA, PRI, Redline member of the SEMA Pac, The Rolls Royce Club, The Bentley Driver’s Club, Klein Chamber of Commerce, and High Meadow Ranch Golf Club. When Sabra Johnson is not making industry connections or expanding his business, Sabra enjoys spending time with his wife and family at their Texas equestrian ranch- Horsepower Ranch located in Magnolia, Texas. 


Sabra Johnson embodies the spirit of restoration and redemption in his company and in his personal life, as he shares his life story with youth across America via his Sabra Talks program with local Boys and Girls Clubs throughout the country.

Sabra believes the aftermarket future is bright and he is pleased to be a leading trail blazer forging the way for the next generation of professionals in the aftermarket industry.

Authenticity & History Matters

The first cars were built by hand through a complex and multi-phase process.  Coachbuilding refers to the wooden skeleton of these early cars. Cabinet builders were the first coachbuilders and we must retrace their steps when we restore one of these historic cars.  The carpenter who attempts to renovate these stunning works of art must be able to produce precision complex curves.  They must also have a detailed understanding of how every system will eventually come together to create the final product.  Sabra Johnson and his expert restoration team of craftsmen at City Classic Cats specializes in high end vintage, antique and exotic restorations of Bugatti, Ferrari, Mercedes, one-off racers and limited production early model historical automobiles.

Founded by Sabra Johnson, Coachbuilders is a full service, classic automotive facility providing a one-stop shop for all restorative services. Sabra created this specialty division within his restoration umbrella to handle high end upholstery, vintage coach making and complete vintage restoration.

“The proven way to restore a vintage coach built car body properly is to strategically disassemble the vehicle in reverse order, in order to restore the project to in the same sequential method employed by the original craftsman... and it is to this objective coachbuilders exist.”

- Sabra Johnson



Customer Service: 832-468-1998


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